Grumpy Cat Is Worth How Much? Famed Feline’s Net Worth Surpasses Many Celebs!

Chelsea Hoffman - Author

Nov. 10 2016, Updated 11:25 p.m. ET

It looks like Grumpy Cat — aka Tardar Sauce — is one of the richest animals alive right now. The cranky kitty’s net worth has reached a whopping $120 million. New Idea reports that social media’s favorite curmudgeon is now richer than some of Hollywood’s biggest names, which include Matthew McConaughey, Cameron Diaz, and Nicolas Cage (just to name a few). That’s some pretty shocking news considering Tard has only been around for just over two years. She was born in 2012, and her entire life has been spent in the spotlight, becoming not only an internet celebrity but a worldwide phenomenon.

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Tabatha Bundesen is Tard’s owner, and she reportedly quit her job as a waitress in Arizona just days after a friend posted a picture of the cat on Reddit. Within hours, the photo had gained close to 30,000 upvotes, which spiraled Tardar Sauce and her owner into the world of celebrity — and it’s been a whirlwind experience, to say the least. Not long after the cat’s photo was memed across social media, the moniker Grumpy Cat stuck, and is now a household name. Though, as the Daily Mail puts it, the cat and her owner can’t be grumpy now with all the money they’ve accumulated in such a short amount of time!

Tard isn’t the only high paid animal actor, though she may be one of the highest paid — if not the highest to date. Vanity Fair reports that Crystal The Monkey is worth twice that of celebrity chef Mario Batali, and his net worth is listed as around $25 million, according to Google. Crystal The Monkey is one of television’s highest paid animal actors. Other high paid animal actors include Bubbles the chimp, whom Michael Jackson bequeathed $2 million in his will, and Bart The Bear, who shook his rear end in The Great Outdoors starring John Candy.

Tardar Sauce is indeed rich and famous, with a higher net worth than some of the world’s greatest talent, not only on the big screen, but showbiz altogether. In fact, she is so rich and famous that her net worth surpasses Katy Perry, who is only worth $40 million according to Forbes. She’s worth more than Britney Spears (whose net worth is just $15 million), and she’s even worth more than Aubrey Plaza, the Parks and Recreation actress who voiced her in the movie that was just made about her. Aubrey Plaza’s net worth is around $3 million. Does it surprise you that Grumpy Cat is this wealthy?

[Photo credit: CNN Money/Grumpy Cat]


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