Jesse James Demands $50k Engagement Ring Back From Kat Von D

Jesse James is doing his reputation as a classless asshat no harm whatsoever.

After further (completely unwarranted) dissing of ex-wife Sandra Bullock on ‘American Chopper,’ the three-time-divorced father-of-three is now said to be asking for his $50,000 Neil Lane engagement ring back from Kat Von D. The same Kat Von D he cheated on. With 19 women, if his ex-fiancee is to be believed.

James refutes that number, and has reportedly demanded Von D returns the rock he proposed with in January. However, the burned Von D has decided she’s keeping the ring, a four-carat platinum and diamond number. And hell, good on her for that. An ‘insider’ spoke to Star magazine, revealing that:

“Now that he and Kat are totally broken up, Jesse wants the ring back. The money he paid for it obviously isn’t going to make or break him, but Jesse’s always been a tightwad.”

I’m sure we could all add a few more names to ‘tightwad,’ but let’s not waste energy, eh? Star‘s mole adds:

“She won’t return the ring to Jesse, and she’s not budging. She says she deserves it for putting up with him!”

‘Atta girl! The full article detailing James’ immense douchiness will be in Star‘s print edition, hitting newsstands on December 12. Von D, meanwhile, is at least finding a productive outlet for her broken-hearted angst: she’s getting it all out in an album.