Compare Best ‘Peter Pan Live’ Tweets To ‘Sound Of Music’ Social Media Mavens [Video]

NBC hoped it had a place where ratings dreams came true when it decided to broadcast Peter Pan Live. But even as Allison Williams took flying lessons as the boy who didn’t want to grow up and Christopher Walken did a shuffle-ball-change for his tap-dancing Captain Hook, Twitter was already warming up for hate-tweeting the event. Social media mavens had relished their tweeting frenzy over Carrie Underwood starring in Sound Of Music Live last year, and were primed to poop on Peter Pan. Even celebrities joined in the Peter Pan virtual party, reported the New York Post.

Christopher Walken was a popular topic, with tweets expressing fascination over his decision to interweave classic Walken deadpan expressions with MGM-style musical numbers.

Comedienne Sarah Silverman summed it up.

“There are only two women in #PETERPANLIVE and they’re both Christopher Walken.”

But actress Mia Farrow defended Team Walken.

“Christopher Walken = gold No matter what”

As the Inquisitr reported, Walken’s role in Peter Pan Live seemed initially to be an odd casting choice. But producers revealed that Christopher began his career in musicals, even taking tap-dancing lessons. As a result, he eagerly hooked the opportunity to take on the dance-centric role of pirate king.

When it came to praise without reservation, Nana the Dog stole the Twitter show. NBC’s daring decision to use a live dog rather than actor in a costume struck gold with viewers, as the dog performed perfectly and adorably, thanks to dog trainer Bill Berloni, as several Tweeps noted.

Honestly, the real champion of #PeterPanLive thus far has been the dog trainer.

Berloni is well-known for rescuing shelter dogs and training them for theater and TV productions.

#love much that there was a real #dog in #PeterPanLive…trained by the wonderful WilliamBerloni

Also getting recognition was Christian Borle, whose impressive arms caused reviewers and Tweeps to twerk in amazement. His arms even earned their own Twitter handle, @ChrisBorlesArms, which tweeted relevant feedback on the visible results of Borle’s workout efforts,which were visible in his role of Smee, but hidden in his second role as Mr. Darling.

Flex. Flex. Flex. And…..hold.

Some Tweeps noted that Peter Pan Live seemed like a magical mish-mash, from live dogs to Lost Boys. Logan Hill pointed out that the broadcast didn’t miss much when it came to variety.

“New York’s hottest club has everything: Lost Boys. Harnesses. Wires. Mothers. Sheepdogs. Top Hats. Tango-dancing Pirates. #PeterPanLive”

Among the funniest celebrity tweets was Anna Kendrick, who mused about what she was missing in her life, reported People magazine.

“Honestly all of this makes me question how I don’t have an all-singing all-dancing entourage of grown men #WhereDidIGoWrong #PeterPanLive”

But Carrie Underwood, who suffered ridicule on Twitter last year for her portrayal of Maria in Sound of Music Live, stayed in character with a sweet tweet.

“I hope the cast & crew of #PeterPanLive feel so happy & proud right now! What an incredible thing you all were a part of tonight! Amazing!!!”

So how did the tweets for Peter Pan Live compare to the Sound of Music Live social media mavens’ responses? Tweeps seemed to have more fun bashing the plot as well as the acting in Sound of Music Live, as the Hollywood Reporter pointed out.

Ronan Farrow, for example, poked fun at the storyline.

“The Sound of Music: the feel good family musical of the year about leaving your fiancée to boink the nanny”

Even the costumes were slammed.

“Why is Maria wearing a long version of Nancy Kerrigan’s 1994 Olympics dress? #TheSoundOfMusicLive”

But the unexpected Twitter star for the Sound of Music tweets was a pizza company. Yup, that’s right. DiGiorno Pizza live-tweeted the entire event, with one of the most tantalizing tweets below.


But DiGiorno didn’t neglect Peter Pan. It sprinkled its own pixie dust cheese during the live tweeting of the broadcast.

“All the world is made of sauce, crust and pizza dust. I CALL CHEESE PIZZA DUST SOMETIMES OK #PeterPanLive

[Images Via NBC]