Oh those wacky Canadians and their wanting to legalize file-sharing

In a move sure to drive more than a few music business mogul running and screaming it seems that the Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) has come out and said that they think that legalizing file-sharing might not be such a bad idea.

Now before you go claiming that this must be a bunch of crazy people who don’t know what they are talking about it is important to know that SAC has some pretty big names from the music business as part of the organization. People like Bryan Adams, Randy Bachman, and Carole Pope along with 1,500 other Canadian musicians all of whom have some pretty strong views on the industry, and opinion that doesn’t seem to coincide with the labels.

SAC believes that consumers should have access to all the music in the world, something that only file-sharing sites provide today. So instead of shutting these sites down the songwriters association wants to legalize file-sharing, while compensating the artists whose works are shared.

“People have always shared music and always will. The music we share defines who we are, and who our friends and peers are. The importance of music in the fabric of our own culture, as well as those around the world, is inextricably bound to the experience of sharing,” SAC writes in a detailed proposal.

via TorrentFreak

There are times when I am really proud of my country.