CafePress Launches New Embeddable Store Widgets

CafePress is teaming up with e-commerce company Sellit to launch a new line of embeddable store widgets. The widgets are designed for use in social networks, blogs, or regular Web sites.

Branded as ShopBOT, the widgets provide real-time inventory and product selection from any CafePress selling account. Users also have the option to have their ShopBOT widget placed on “premium Web properties” as an ad for prices starting at about $10 a month.

Sellit ShopBOT

The ShopBOT program is currently in a “broad” beta test, though allegedly any CafePress seller should now have the built-in option to create one widget per account. CafePress and Sellit are planning to have the program fully launched sometime in the first quarter of this year.

More information in the ShopBOT FAQ here.