$10 Million Child Molestation Lawsuit Filed Against Boston Red Sox

Two men have filed a $10 million lawsuit against the Boston Red Sox after claiming that they were sexually abused by a clubhouse manager when they were young batboys for the club.

During a press conference on Monday the men’s lawyer Mitchell Garabedian said of the lawsuit:

“These were inner city kids happy to have jobs with the Red Sox” while adding, “Then they were sexually molested by Donald Fitzpatrick, a serial pedophile. It’s similar to thePenn State case. Children were seduced by sports and sexually abused by an employee of the team.”

The manager in question passed away in 2005 at the age of 76 and the club settled with seven Florida men in 2003 who accused Fitzpatrick of molesting them during spring training in the 1970s. Fitzpatrick also pled guilty in 2002 to four counts of attempted sexual battery.

One of the accusers, Charles Crawford, says Fitzpatrick assaulted him in 1991 in a restroom in Fenway park and then again in the clubhouses equipment room. Crawford was 16-years-old at the time of the alleged assault. Speaking about the assault Charles said:

“I’ve held one of Boston’s darkest secrets all these years, knowing people would have been blown out of their seats if they knew what the Red Sox let happen to me.”

A lawyer for the Boston Red Sox said in response to the claims that the Boston Red Sox:

“Always viewed the actions of Mr. Fitzpatrick to be abhorrent.”

The teams attorney then noted that the Red Sox:

“Became aware of the allegations against Mr. Fitzpatrick in 1991, he was promptly relieved of his duties.”

It’s unclear at this time how the Red Sox will respond to the allegations.