Family Goes ‘Frozen’ With Christmas Light Show Set To Idina Menzel’s Hit ‘Let It Go’

The phenomenon of Disney’s Frozen has taken over the world, and it’s not hard to understand why there will be more movies, more toys, and more money to be made. Some are said to be sick of it but there is no denying its popularity. Perhaps it isn’t surprising, then, that a family decided to make their home into a Frozen Christmas wonderland.

A family in Austin, Texas, took their love of Christmas and one of the hottest musical hits in years and put them together. With the help of Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go,” the Storm family made their home into a tourist attraction for locals and people from afar, according to Good Morning America.

“My wife and I love Christmas and are big ‘Christmas Vacation’ fans and big Disney fans,” homeowner John Storm said of their elaborate decorations. “We do it out of our love for the holidays. My youngest daughter picked the ‘Let It Go’ song for this year.”

Since 2010, the Storms have been putting together some overly awesome Christmas light displays. They’ve said that the set-ups have brought visitors from near and far, but this year’s Frozen display is bound to bring about even more than they may truly be able to imagine.

“People come out with their camp chairs when we have the music running and we have a nice evening with everyone,” said Storm.

Believe it or not, the set-up and timing of the Frozen Christmas lights and extravaganza doesn’t take nearly as long as you may imagine. Storm said that it takes about three weeks to put everything together and time it just right.

Still, that’s just the physical grunt work. Leading up to the set-up, there is “lots of programming, soldering wires together, etc.” and that all leads to the finished product. In all, it is work that “has been ongoing all year.”

Wonder how many times they actually listened to “Let It Go”? You’re not sick of Frozen, are you?

According to WKRN, Storm isn’t even sure how many Christmas lights the family used in setting up the immaculate Frozen display. He said he stopped counting at 25,000, but there was for good reason for that.

Storm is a huge fan of Christmas Vacation and that’s how many lights Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) had on his house.

Not only did Storm end up beating out Clark Griswold on the number of lights he had in his Christmas lights of awesome, but he won in electric bills too. Storm said that the Christmas season bill only comes to around $15.

In regards to Frozen, though, it’s not like Idina Menzel doesn’t have a lot to do. She recently spoke out and said that a sequel to the hit film is in the works, along with a new animated short, musical stage show, and more.

Speaking of Frozen, is that what we were talking about?

[Image via Listen To Our Lights]