Final Fantasy VII fan shows us what a remake could look like [Video]

Some fans may disagree as to whether or not it’s the better game, but it’s undeniable that Final Fantasy VII is the most popular title in the series. Given that Square Enix has proven to be fond of remaking their classics with updated visuals, you’d think that Square Enix would have gotten around to remaking it – but they haven’t.

Other than the Final Fantasy VII tech demo (tease) shown off at E3 several years back, all Final Fantasy VII fans could do is dream about what a remake could look like. Thanks to a team of modders, fans can have a little more fuel for their dreaming – a video that shows the Final Fantasy VII intro running on Unreal Engine 3.

The video has a few moments where you wonder what the person filming it is doing, particularly when he tries for what seems like 5 minutes to jump over a wall only to momentarily see the ghost of Zack, but it’s a nonetheless impressive video (with nice music, I might add) that once again shows what fans can do when they put their mind to something.

To see the Final Fantasy VII intro running on the Unreal engine for yourself, check the video below.