Tori Spelling Thinks Facelift Will Boost Her Confidence, Considers More Plastic Surgery

Tori Spelling wants to boost her confidence after many months of marital issues and reportedly thinks more plastic surgery will help with her self-esteem. US Weekly states that Tori not only wants to replace her 15-year-old breast implants, she is considering undergoing a few other procedures as well.

The True Tori star is reportedly considering Botox and a facelift to help her through what an insider tells US Weekly is a "crisis of confidence." Although she admits that she has put off having her implants replaced because she is afraid to be put to sleep, the 41-year-old mother of four "doesn't feel good about herself" and thinks perking up her appearance will help.

Tori's self-esteem issues seem to stem from her stormy relationship with her husband, Dean McDermott, who reportedly had a one night stand with a woman named Emily Goodhand in 2013. Although she tells Extra TV that she and her husband are "doing really well" and working through his cheating scandal, there are rumors that Tori thinks her looks are the reason for her infidelity.

The breast implant surgery was something Spelling mentioned on the November 25 episode of her reality show, but she did not mention getting a face lift at that time. Her plastic surgeon spoke to her about the possibility that she has a "micro-rupture" and scar tissue from her 15-year-old breast implants, prompting her to think about forgetting her fear of being put to sleep in exchange for new implants.

While surgery on her outdated implants sounds like a smart move health-wise, the possibility of Tori getting Botox and undergoing elective surgery for a face lift seems to indicate that Dean's cheating scandal made the reality star extremely unconfident about her appearance.

Although Tori made it clear during the Extra TV interview that she and Dean are working things out, the True Tori season finale doesn't make it seem that way at all. In a sneak peek of the finale released by Lifetime, Dean walks out on a therapy session during a conversation about a babysitter he picked without Tori's approval.

Dean calls her out on her lack of trust and questions why she is still with him before storming out of the therapist's office.

"If you don't like my instincts, if you don't like my choices...if you don't think I can understand your feelings then why the f**k are you with me?"
Does Tori think her husband will change? She tells her therapist "no" and matters are made worse when producers tell her that Dean "needs space and might not come home" — something that will give fans of the reality show the impression that despite her current claims that things are "going really well," Tori and Dean may never work through their problems.

Will Tori Spelling get more plastic surgery or decide against it due to her fear of being put to sleep? Fans will have to wait and see if she goes forward with the face lift and breast implant re-do if her reality show is renewed for another season.

Tune in to the season finale of True Tori on December 9 at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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