BCS: LSU to rematch Alabama for national championship

The results are in, and it looks like Alabama will get another shot at LSU in the BCS national championship in January.

Alabama (11-1) narrowly beat out #3 Oklahoma State (11-1) in the final update to the BCS standings on Sunday evening, giving the Crimson Tide a chance to make up for their loss to the LSU Tigers after losing to the team during overtime in the November 5 game.

“This could be a totally different type of game,” said Alabama coach Nick Saban.. “There’s so many good players on both sides of the ball for both teams. There’s so much opportunity for this game to play out completely different and have a completely different flavor than the first game.”

“We can’t control it,” Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden said, as reported by Yahoo. “But I know we had a heck of a year and we beat really good football teams in this conference and we’re conference champions, so we did everything that we could.”

Most college football fans in the SEC will likely be excited by the news, but fans elsewhere aren’t taking the news quite as well. Alabama’s narrow victory over Oklahoma State in the BCS rankings further demonstrated the necessity for a college football play-off for some.

Do you think college football should have play-offs for the BCS national championship?