Apple Data Center Might Be Built In Oregon [Rumor]

James Johnson

If recent rumors are correct Apple, Inc. may be preparing to build and operate a new data center to be located in Prineville, Oregon.

The Oregonian says the company is eyeing a 160-acre location that would reside just a quarter-mile away from Facebook's own northern server facilities and in a similar area to Google and Amazon.

The publication also believes that Apple might be using a fake company name called Maverick to shield their early stage plans.

According to reports the company is attempting to determine if they can receive enough electrical power to make the plant operate and at this point they are working with the Bonneville Power Administration to increase capacity to the area by 2013.

If the plant is to open it could provide jobs to area residents in need of work, Prineville currently has a 15.8 percent unemployment rate and it's likely that steep tax discounts will be given in order to attract the company.

While data centers typically require very few workers to actually operate they do create short term construction jobs that are welcomed by the area. Further data centers in the area could ultimately lead to a hot bed of tech builds in the future if the town can accommodate the company's that have begun to build plants in the area.

Apple's plans for a new data center comes just a short period of time after they opened their iCloud and iTunes data center in Maiden, North Carolina while announced that they would need more capacity in the next few years.