Disabled Woman Allegedly Tackled By Johnny Depp Body Guards

A handicapped women was admitted to the hospital on Thursday night after Johnny Depp’s hired bodyguards allegedly wrestled her to the ground.

According to Robyn Ecker, 52, she was treating her husband to $600-a-pop Iggy Pop seats at the Palladium in Los Angeles where she was seated next to the Rum Diary star.

Ecker says she was dancing close to the star and apparent got to close to Johnny’s table at which point she was dragged to the ground by his hired body guards.

Ecker goes on to tell TMZ that after she was allowed to get back up from the floor she left the concert with her husband had checked herself into a local hospital to be observed by doctors.

In the meantime law enforcement officer say Robyn appeared to be wasted at the time she was filing her police report and her own assistant confirms that Robyn and her party were all drinking before and during the Iggy Pop concert.

Johnny Depp hasn’t reached out with a comment at this time and given the admission of alcohol being consumed it’s likely this incident will never see the inside of a court room.

Do you think Johnny Depp’s body guards were acting irrationally or should Ecker’s have kept her distance from the movie star?

[Image via vipflash / Shutterstock.com]