'Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce' Spoilers: Lisa Edelstein, Paul Adelstein Star In New Bravo Show

The Bravo network is delving into scripted television with the new show Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce and the early buzz is pretty impressive. The new show is packed with talent and it premieres on December 2. Will this be a vehicle to move Bravo away from the Real Housewives franchise and into more traditional television? Chances are that's not going to happen, but fans are definitely curious to check this new show out and see a bit of variety on the network.

As E! Online notes, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce has many familiar faces on its cast. Lisa Edelstein from House stars as self-help book writer Abby McCarthy. As the show begins, Abby's life is falling apart and she is separated from her husband. However, they are covering up the fact that they have separated for the sake of their children.

Paul Adelstein from shows like Scandal, Private Practice and Prison Break stars as Jake, Abby's estranged husband. From the sounds of the Girlfriends' Guide spoilers, it won't take long for Abby's plan to hide her separation to fall apart. In the premiere she outs herself and that paves the way for the first season where she sorts through it all. Her career is circling the drain and she's trying to figure out how to be single again.

There will be quite a few other familiar faces stopping by the show this season. Janeane Garofalo from movies like The Truth About Cats and Dogs and Reality Bites, as well as the television show The Larry Sanders Show, plays Lyla.

Girlfriends' Guide spoilers via TVLine indicate that Lyla will contend that a "good divorce" is just a myth. While fans are looking forward to seeing Garofalo on the show, it seems it'll be a short stint. Garofalo will appear in the first part of the season, but she leaves after Episode 6. Apparently there will be a big event taking place for her that will lead to a surprising change.

Also popping up this season will be stars like Laverne Cox of Orange Is the New Black and C. Thomas Howell. Though many will always remember Howell as Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders, he's worked steadily over the years and is also familiar to many for his roles in Southland, Criminal Minds and Grimm.

Bravo fans are definitely curious to check out this new Lisa Edelstein vehicle and it seems that the network plans to have some fun with this one. There's a Watch What Happens Live clip of Edelstein in her Abby McCarthy character joking with Bravo's Andy Cohen, and chances are there's more fun just like that ahead.

Will Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce be Bravo's next big hit? Fans of Paul Adelstein and Lisa Edelstein are anxious to find out as it looks like this could be a good one.

[Image via Variety]