WestJet Airlines Grants Christmas Wishes To Those Less Fortunate [Video]

Move over Oprah and Ellen, WestJet is at it again! We all brought out the tissues last Christmas when WestJet surprised their passengers at the baggage claim with incredible Christmas presents. It was a joyous moment with filled with happy tears as we all witnessed the smiles, the laughter, the Christmas cheer.

Now, WestJet has outdone themselves this Christmas, in another heartwarming video, as they visit the residents of a small village in Dominican Republic. According to the Globe and Mail, a large blue sleigh awaited each family as they would climb aboard and talk with Santa via video chat.

Santa talked with each man, woman, boy and girl and asked them what they want for Christmas. No wish was too big and included items such as washing machines, a motorcycle engine, and even a horse. Yes, a horse!

AD Week reports that after Santa was told all the wishes, WestJet employees, who were stationed in the village dashed out for the shopping spree of their lives, purchasing the wanted items from local businesses.

After all the shopping was done, the families were invited to a beach, covered with snow, no less, and as the anticipation grew, the WestJet staff began approaching, carrying large bow-endowed packages for each family. Faces beamed, smiles abounded, while some tears were even shed as the gifts were opened.

The children were in for an even bigger surprise as WestJet unveiled an incredible new playground, giving them a fun and safe place to play everyday.

The community of Nuevo Renacer had never experienced such a Christmas miracle. Isn't this what Christmas is all about?

Tis the season!

[Photo Credit: ADWeek]