'Suicide Squad' To Begin Shooting In Toronto: Tom Hardy, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney In Final Talks

There have been months and months of casting rumors for the Warner Bros. and DC Comics' flick Suicide Squad, but now there are appear to be some people truly in place. Four big names are in final talks to seal down their roles and shooting on the film is actually scheduled to begin shooting in Toronto.

The Hollywood Reporter states that the film is going to start pre-production in February and it's set for the Pinewood Toronto Studios.

David Ayers is going to direct Suicide Squad and actual shooting is set to take place from mid-April through September of next year. It's all said to be happening in and around the Toronto area.

According to MovieWeb, the start of production and the filming locations for Suicide Squad isn't the biggest news though. It's the cast of the film that everyone has been clamoring over and now it looks as if many of the long-talked about rumors are going to come to light.

UPDATE as of the evening of December 2: Bloody-Disgusting has revealed that the cast has officially been announced for Suicide Squad, and it's a bit different than rumored. All is as listed below except that Jai Courtney is now set to play Boomerang and Will Smith will be Deadshot. Also, Cara Delevinge will play the role of Enchantress.

Final talks are officially in place for four main roles and with four big-time actors.

Tom Hardy (Bane himself from The Dark Knight Rises) is in final talks to take on the role of Rick Flag, the founding member of Suicide Squad.

Jai Courtney's final negotiations are happening so that he can become the very popular Deadshot.

Jared Leto is being looked at to play the sinister and evil Joker who will be alongside the love (?) of his life, Harley Quinn. That is the fourth series of final talks going on, as Margot Robbie is sought to play the role of Quinn.

Now, these are the only four actors that are said to be in final negotiations for the film and no others are already in place. Will Smith has been rumored to take on the role of Digger Harkness who is also known as super-villain Captain Boomerang, but no reports have him in final talks.

There have also been rumors that Jesse Eisenberg will appear in Suicide Squad as Lex Luthor. This is the role that Eisenberg has already been cast in for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but he's not yet confirmed for this particular film.

Some roles still have to be cast and more needs to be put in place, but it's finally all coming together.

Suicide Squad is set to hit theaters on August 5, 2016, and it's only the beginning. It is one of nine new superhero (super-villain) movies that both Warner Bros. and DC Comics announced together back in October of this year.

[Image via DC Comics]