iPad Air Plus Rumors Gain Steam With More Leaks

While it wont' be here in time for Christmas, the iPad Air Plus is coming relatively soon. The specs for the giant iPad Air have been leaking online for a number of days now and with each leak the rumors seem to be that much more believable.

As the Daily Mail is calling it, the Megapad will be one of the biggest tablets on the market, and despite the size it will also have the lightness and portability of the iPad Air. While some rumors are claiming the new iPad Air Plus will have a screen that measures 12.9-inches, it's more likely that it will boast a still sizable 12.2 inches. Four speakers are also reportedly included, which will give it better sound than the iPad Airs that came before this new gadget.

According to Mac Rumors, a video has surfaced on the Internet this week that has fueled speculation about the gadget either being called the iPad Air Plus or the iPad Pro. The video and accompanying specs claim the tablet will sport dimensions of 305.31mm x 220.8mm x 7mm, or 12 inches x 8.7 inches x 0.28 inches. The processor is also quite a bit more powerful than previous versions of the iPad Air, and will have the A9 processor in order to operate at faster speeds.

Even if the screen size doesn't actually hit the 12.9 inches some have talked about, the 12.2 inches will still be rivaling only the size of Microsoft's Surface Pro. This tablet would actually rival the size of Apple's Macbook Pro which has a screen size of 13.3 inches. While the specs are starting to come out at a quicker rate, it doesn't seem likely that the iPad Air Plus is really going to be around very soon.

Most reports indicate this giant sized tablet won't even go into production until the second quarter of 2015. That would seemingly fit in with the way Apple has done things over the last few years, with the megatablet likely being available to the public later next fall. It seems that Apple is going to spend most of its resources in making the iPhone 6 Plus more readily accessible.

Along with these rumors, there is some talk that the iPad Mini 3 might already be headed for extinction. It seems as if Apple doesn't want to spread itself too thin. It's also possible that with the iPhone 6 Plus getting close to the iPad Mini's specs, the iPad Air Plus will replace it in the launch schedules moving forward.