Who Is Kate Gosselin Of The 'Celebrity Apprentice' 2015 Season?

A new season of Celebrity Apprentice debuts in January, and long-time fans are anxious to get to know the new cast. Kate Gosselin is one of the contestants in the 2015 season, and there is plenty of buzz that she will find herself right in the midst of the drama. Many are familiar with Kate from her TLC reality TV days, but what do Apprentice fans need to know about Gosselin?

These days Kate Gosselin is living a relatively quiet life now with her eight kids in Pennsylvania, as she was tweeting throughout Thanksgiving about cooking and playing Wii with her kids. However, she's still got plenty of reality TV projects going on with both Celebrity Apprentice on the horizon and new Kate Plus 8 specials ahead.

Most fans familiar with Kate know Gosselin from her days of Jon & Kate Plus 8, the TLC show that featured Jon and Kate along with their twins, Mady and Cara, and their sextuplets. Once Jon and Kate split, she and the kids came back for their own show for a bit. The show started when the sextuplets were babies, but now Hannah, Collin, Joel, Aaden, Alexis and Leah are 10 while the twins are 13. Despite not being on the air much over the past few years, Kate keeps fans updated via social media and new TLC specials.

Kate Plus 8 featuring Kate and the kids, without Jon, aired as a series for a while, but it was canceled several years ago. This past year, though, Kate and the kids returned to TLC for some special standalone shows and additional specials will air at some point in December.

The relationship between Kate and Jon remains difficult, the reality TV stars have admitted, and both still end up in the headlines regularly. Though the Kate Plus 8 star has many dedicated fans, she also has hoardes of critics and Jon is often criticized as well. Gosselin's decision to dive back in to reality TV with both Celebrity Apprentice and her family show is sure to generate a lot of negative buzz once again, but she doesn't seem to let it drag her down much at this point.

How will Kate manage when it comes to dealing with other celebrities on the show? There have been rumors of discord, but fans would naturally expect that with this show. The first previews starring Kate, Ian Ziering, Vivica A. Fox and the rest of the celebrities are out and fans cannot wait to dive in to the actual episodes.

How long will Kate Gosseiln last this coming season on Celebrity Apprentice? Spoilers would indicate that she'll be around for a bit, and Kate Plus 8 fans are anxious to tune in to check it out on NBC beginning January 4.

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