'Sons Of Anarchy' Post-Show 'Anarchy Afterword' Host Confirmed: Kevin Ryder Of KROQ To Return

Only two episodes of Sons of Anarchy remain and fans are bracing themselves for chaos. There are also two episodes of Anarchy Afterword ahead, with the post-SOA show airing after each of the last two Sons episodes. There has been some host juggling in the shows this season and fans have been curious to know who is leading the December 2 show.

Chris Franjola had hosted the Anarchy Afterword shows for some time, but fans were quite critical over his last couple of outings. The network made a change, putting Kurt Sutter in the hosting spot one week, saying that Franjola was unavailable due to his schedule. For the most recent episode, Kevin Ryder of KROQ's Kevin & Bean show took the lead. So who is doing this week's post-SOA episode?

Though there had not been any official announcements so far from the network for this one, Ryder himself confirmed that he is returning. Most fans would agree that this is a great choice as he's obviously a big fan of the show and was able to moderate great conversations in his last Anarchy Afterword outing.

Ryder tweeted, "How will the series #SonsOfAnarchy end? Tonight is the 2nd to last episode. Then I'm doing' #AnarchyAfterword. #SOAFX." What is the timing breakdown between the actual Sons of Anarchy episode and the after show? That's often been a bit tough to pin down this season, and show creator Kurt Sutter has indicated that he rather likes it that way. It creates a bit of mystery for fans to not know exactly how much time remains in an episode, meaning there's no telling how much more carnage is on the way before that final episode moment.

That said, the full block for the season 7, episode 12 show titled "Red Rose" plus this installment of Anarchy Afterword is said to last for 2 hours and 41 minutes in total. Fans who love having that much time with Jax, Gemma and SAMCRO will really love what's ahead for the December 9 finale, titled "Papa's Goods." That one, including the post-show, has a full three hours blocked off on television listings according to TiVo.

Just what goes down in the penultimate episode titled "Red Rose"? All anybody knows for certain is that Jax faces big decisions and it's supposed to be a wild one. It's been made clear that Sutter isn't saving all of the best stuff for the series finale as this episode will leave fans shaken as well by the sounds of things. Tune-in to Sons of Anarchy and Anarchy Afterword airing on FX on Tuesday, December 2 to see just what goes down.

Updated: Kurt Sutter, director Paris Barclay and Katey Sagal are said to be guests on this week's Anarchy Afterword, with some "surprise guests" joining them apparently. Many would imagine that there will be some serious carnage in this Sons of Anarchy episode leading to the surprise guests a la the week with Mark Boone Junior popping in, but fans will have to tune-in to find out.

[Image via KROQ CBS Local]