Kristin Cavallari Posts Skinny Selfie Showing Amazing Figure Just 7 Months After Giving Birth

Kristin Cavallari has posted a number of selfies online in her lifetime, and all of them have always been something great to look at. Her most recent pic posted to her Instagram may be the one that draws the most attention as it's being called her "skinny selfie," and it shows her looking fantastic just seven months after having her baby.

"Just got a nice little workout in. Yes those are baby monitors behind me," she wrote on Instagram. "#GottaLoveNapTime"

According to ABC News, the 27-year-old actress doesn't just have her pre-baby shape and weight back, but she has it and it looks even better.

It was just back on May 7 that Cavallari and husband Jay Cutler (Chicago bears quarterback) welcomed their son to the world. Jaxon Wyatt Cutler was born at 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and he was her second son as the couple already has a toddler named Camden.

Back in July, it was already revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood that Cavallari had lost 20 pounds. She said she was having some issues losing the last five of that baby weight, but it wasn't coming off. Her breastfeeding and "working out really hard" seemed to work, but so did her diet.

"I don't put any toxic chemicals in my body. I'm a freak about reading the ingredients. I don't count calories, I just read what's in whatever I'm going to be putting in my mouth. I try to be as organic as possible I stay away from dairy for the most part... I'm actually allergic to cow's milk so that's reason enough but I also, I think that that's the number one weight gainer. If you're going to get one thing out of your diet, I think it should be dairy."
She went as far as to say that she's a "freak about what" she puts in her mouth, and obviously she isn't happy with the fatty foods or anything else that can harm her. That obviously means her kids will grow up healthy too.

Kristin Cavallari actually came under fire back in March when she revealed to the world that she refused to vaccinate her children. It's a decision that both her and her husband agreed to do.

The decision not to vaccinate their kids came from the studies that said there could be a connection between childhood vaccinations and autism. While many scientific studies have debunked a lot of that talk, Cavallari still believes her and Cutler made the best decision for their family.

If it's any consolation, Kristin Cavallari certainly looks like she knows how to healthily take care of herself, so her kids should be well taken care of too.

[Image via Instagram]