'GTA V' Online Heists Still Coming With Next Update, Confirms Rockstar Games

David Stonecipher

Now that the remastered editions of Grand Theft Auto V have been out on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for two weeks, fans may be hoping to hear more about the release of online heist missions. As Rockstar Games originally announced last month, prior to the title's launch on next-gen platforms, the developer has once again reassured fans that the next title update for GTA V is still expected to add cooperative heists to GTA Online across all platforms. This news was released as an official response from the team's support website.

Rockstar Games took the time to confirm that online heists are still currently scheduled to release with the next GTA V title update after fans grew restless that the cooperative robberies might become delayed once more. Others may have noticed that there have already been several updates released since the launch of GTA V on Xbox One and PS4.

However, as the Inquisitr reported last week, these have all been minor patches intended to correct server issues to reduce connectivity problems encountered on the new editions of GTA V. Rockstar Games is hoping to create stability within GTA Online in the wake of the title's next-gen launch. Fans can rest assured, as the developer has now once again confirmed that the next content patch for Grand Theft Auto V will definitely introduce online heists to the game as intended.

Rockstar Games first revealed last month that online heists would be added as part of the next major title update for GTA V in a post from the developer's official blog. At that time, Rockstar Newswire confirmed that the co-op heists will also release on last-gen consoles, as well Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Ever since the online servers for GTA V first went live in October of 2013, fans have waited for their opportunity to play the large-scale robberies from the title's singleplayer campaign within the multiplayer setting of GTA Online. While online heists were first announced before the initial launch of Grand Theft Auto V last year, Rockstar Games never specified exactly when the co-op content would be added to the game.

In fact, over the course of the past year, GTA V online heists have only been delayed a single time. Thankfully, Rockstar Games seems to be prepared to actually launch the multiplayer content soon since the developer is now reiterating their plans to add online heists to the next title update of GTA V.

[Image via Rockstar Games]