WWE News: Steve Austin Plans To Ask Vince McMahon About CM Punk’s Comments During Tonight’s Live Podcast

During last Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series event, it was announced that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would be hosting a live podcast tonight on the WWE Network with guest Vince McMahon. When this was announced, there was no way they could have predicted that just four days prior, former WWE superstar CM Punk would appear on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast, finally breaking his silence and revealing why he left WWE back in January.

Now the pressure is on Austin to address the CM Punk situation on tonight’s live podcast with McMahon, and Austin said he plans on doing just that.

“Nothing is off limits,” Austin said on the WWE website. “There’s a line I won’t cross, but that’s for my standards, nothing that WWE has told me. There are many things I’d like to ask him. I’d like to know what’s going on with CM Punk. I’d like to know how Daniel Bryan’s health is. I’d like to know whose idea it was in Atlanta (that made me) take my ball and go home in 2002. I reacted the worst way possible, but I want to know who came up with that masterpiece of an idea. Guys like me come along very seldom in the wrestling business. You can count ’em on a couple of fingers.”

It’s expected that if Austin does end up asking McMahon about CM Punk, that McMahon will give a short, corporate answer, and then move on.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer speculated on how McMahon will address the Punk situation on Austin’s podcast, and noted that he thinks that McMahon would love nothing more than to fire back at Punk, but due to the fact that WWE is a public company, McMahon may have his hands tied.

Meltzer also said that guys like CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio have the ability to do a lot more damage to McMahon’s WWE than McMahon has the ability to do to them. So, it would be wise for McMahon to not get into a war of words with Punk or Del Rio.

Tonight’s live Steve Austin Show on the WWE Network should be interesting. It’s the first big thing that WWE is throwing out there in an attempt to get WWE fans to pay for the network, as last month was completely free. If Austin is told to not bring up the CM Punk stuff, or if Vince McMahon ends up giving a short, corporate answer when Austin does ask about CM Punk, new network subscribers may be extremely disappointed, and they likely won’t renew their subscriptions come January.

[Image via WWE]