Is Zayn Malik Over The Fame Game?

Is Zayn Malik over his fame with One Direction? It seems like he might be. According to a report in the Mirror, the second break out star in One Direction is sick of fame and is homesick while on tour with the members of One Direction.

It wouldn’t be unusual to suspect that something is up with Zayn. The boy band heart throb has missed several appearances for One Direction. Currently, the boys are promoting their new album, Four. This led to rumors that Zayn was dealing with substance abuse issues, which member Liam Payne vehemently denied. When Lauer asked Payne, he simply said he was under the weather.

That said, it looks like the 21-year-old is just exhausted.

An insider told the Mirror, “Zayn’s exhausted and sick of fame. And awful situations like this one – when he’s accused of being a drug addict – are exactly why he’s had enough.”

The source continued, “Zayn gets overwhelmed and has always found fame really hard to deal with. It hits him more at certain times than others and it’s bad right now. He gets so homesick. His family are so close and he hates that he never gets to see them.”

It’s been a very busy few years for the boys of One Direction. Not only did they blow up to be the biggest boyband this generation has seen, but Malik also proposed to his girlfriend Perrie Edwards. According to an insider who spoke with Heat magazine, the singer still doesn’t feel settled even though he’s settling down with his love.

“Zayn feels like he’s given so much of his life to the band and is cut off from everything. I think he thought proposing to Perrie would mean an escape – that they could move to the country and have pets and be normal. But things haven’t panned out like that yet.”

Fans have responded to these reports of Zayn’s health with nervous tweets.

@dna Zayn Malik wasn’t present for some of the promotional events for FOUR because he was sick, and not because he is sick of the fame!

— Vaishnavi Shetty (@vai_sh_navi) December 1, 2014

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