Jessica Simpson’s Baby Prediction: It’s a Girl!

After months of speculation about Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy (it was confirmed last month) her fans now have something new to worry about. Will Jessica Simpson have a boy or a girl?

Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson both think they know the sex of the girl, they just don’t happen to agree.

Simpson told People Magazine:

“I think it’s a girl. But I don’t know yet.”

Johnson, on the other hand, is hoping for a boy. Johnson said:

“I think it’s a boy. We’re pretty much at a standstill there.”

The couple said that they’ll soon know for sure.

Johnson added:

“I don’t think we can wait. Jessica is too honest about everything, she needs to know. I don’t think she can hold that secret to herself.”

Would you want to know the sex of your child? Or would you rather be surprised?

The Inquisitr reported earlier this month that Simpson and Johnson plan to get married after the birth of their son/daughter. Simpson told US Magazine:

“We were always going to wait [until] after the baby. We flirted around with different dates before I found out I was pregnant, and thankfully we didn’t lock anything down. I just didn’t want to be stressed out. Now when I get stressed out it’s like 50 times worse. So I really want to enjoy that day and now I get to have my baby with me.”

Do you think Jessica Simpson is going to have a boy or a girl?