Chris Rock On White People: They Must 'Own The Actions' Of Their Racist Ancestors

Heather Tooley

In an interview Chris Rock gave to New York magazine, the comedian is once again voicing his views on white people. The comedian is promoting his latest film, Top Five, which is about to be released. Vulture posts the interview that will be in the December 1 issue of the magazine.

Chris is known for his strong opinions on just about everything, but especially when it comes to race. For starters, he doesn't believe any progress has been made for blacks and race relations.

"Yes, that would be an event. Here's the thing. When we talk about race relations in America or racial progress, it's all nonsense. There are no race relations. White people were crazy. Now they're not as crazy. To say that black people have made progress would be to say they deserve what happened to them before."

Chris says the press "accepts racism" and that it has "never dug into it." He even says he'd love to talk specifically with white people on the subject of Ferguson and the gunning down of 18-year-old African-American Michael Brown on August 9. How whites truly feel about the tragedy and race is a mystery to the Hollywood star, and he says he'd like to know what they really think.

"Just white people. We know how black people feel about Ferguson — outraged, upset, cheated by the system, all these things."

Chris Rock goes on to say that white people aren't only responsible for their "actions," but must take responsibility for those of their racist ancestors. He draws a comparison between racial discrimination and inheriting money.

"Owning their actions. Not even their actions. The actions of your dad. Yeah, it's unfair that you can get judged by something you didn't do, but it's also unfair that you can inherit money that you didn't work for."

The comedian and actor has a real problem with everyone treating racism like it was a "style" or "fad" that the nation went through. He thinks what took place should be examined in-depth and take a closer look at the overall picture.

"... But the thing is, we treat racism in this country like it's a style that America went through. Like flared legs and lava lamps. Oh, that crazy thing we did. We were hanging black people. We treat it like a fad instead of a disease that eradicates millions of people. You've got to get it at a lab, and study it, and see its origins, and see what it's immune to and what breaks it down."

The Inquisitr also touched on Chris Rock's feelings about President Obama in another portion of the interview. Rock serves up his own unique analysis of Obama and what he represents to the African-American community in the way of "progress."

According to Top Five's movie website, the film hits theaters December 12, and is also written and directed by Chris Rock.

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