WWE News: Sting Not Wrestling The Undertaker At WrestleMania 31?

Wrestling legend Sting finally made it to the WWE and debuted at the Survivor Series pay-per-view last month. WWE history was made when the Icon walked down that ramp and delivered the “Scorpion Deathdrop” to Triple H during the main event. That eventually led to Dolph Ziggler pinning Seth Rollins to secure a victory for Team Cena against Team Authority.

Since then, Sting has not made a return to WWE television, which would beg the question: When will Sting appear next? His contract is said to be similar to that of Brock Lesnar’s. He will be paid per date and used sparingly throughout his tenure. So, that would make Sting’s next appearance unknown at this time.

Another huge debate is Sting’s first match with the WWE. Logic would tell the average WWE fan that a match between Sting and Triple H is already penciled down after their confrontation at Survivor Series. Due to the fact that the Rock will not be appearing at WrestleMania 31, HHH vs. Sting looks more likely by the day.

Then after Sting debuted at Survivor Series, word came out last week that Sting may end up wrestling more than one match for WWE but they were apparently building to a match against Triple H.

Rob Feinstein of RF Video, who has broken many scoops in the past, wrote several hours before Sting’s debut that he heard The Undertaker wouldn’t be facing Sting and that a match with Triple H was in the works. Feinstein wrote the following hours before Survivor Series:

“From what I been hearing I think Undertaker is done and the plans are for Sting and HHH at Mania… but anything can change but that is what I have been told.”

Adding to the rumor of Triple H vs. Sting at WrestleMania 31 is the fact that the Undertaker is likely retired. Late last month, the Inquisitr reported that Sting vs. the Undertaker was taking place at WrestleMania 31. That’s every wrestling fan’s dream match, because it’s been rumored now for three years.

Both men were legends in their respective companies, and now that both men are in the WWE, why can’t the dream match happen? Unfortunately for the WWE Universe, if Taker doesn’t wrestle this year, then it’s more than likely over. He got battered during his match with Brock Lesnar. Above all else, the most important thing is health. Taker may not be healthy enough to compete.

As a fan base that respects the wrestlers in the ring, the WWE fans must respect Undertaker for hanging them up. Nothing is official yet, but there’s more evidence of a Sting vs. Triple H match at WrestleMania 31. Sting wresting Taker is 1a; the WWE fans will have to settle for 1b.

[Image via talkingclassradio.com]