‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Spoilers: Morgan To Play Big Role In Second Half?

The Walking Dead fans watched Sunday night’s mid-season finale in shock, and got a little treat after the show, a brand new clip of Morgan Jones hot on the trail of Rick and the rest of the gang.

It seems that while Morgan was tracking the marks on the trees, he made his way to the church that Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and the rest of the group had been staying. However, the gang was gone, off to rescue Beth and Carol at Grady Memorial hospital.

What Morgan did find was the map that Abraham had given to Rick which had a hand written note on it including Rick’s full name. Morgan now knows that Rick is in Atlanta, and has a clear map of how to get there. So now the big question is will Morgan find Rick, and if he does, what will happen next?

According to Wet Paint, with eight episodes still to come in The Walking Dead Season 5, anything can happen. The hit AMC series will return in February, and the latest trailer for the second half of the season shows a distraught Daryl and Maggie after losing Beth, as well as the rest of the group in danger.

Will The Walking Dead viewers get their wish and see Morgan and Rick back together again? It seems that if Morgan is tracking the gang, then he’s interested in finding Rick, who is basically his only friend in the entire world after losing his wife and son to walkers.

The character of Morgan has become a huge fan favorite although he’s been seen very rarely throughout the series, but all that could change as there seems to be a reason they’ve decided to bring him back now, and hopefully it’s so that he can help Rick and the rest of the group, but anything can happen in the crazy post zombie apocalypse world, and Morgan could end up falling in with the wrong group of people. According to ComicBook.com, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman weighed in on whether or not the gang can really trust Morgan.

“I think that’s a big question that you should be asking yourself,” Kirkman said. “We’re not really seeing much from him. We don’t know if he’s gotten it together, we don’t know if he’s a madman. If he ever catches up to our group, maybe he kills them all. Who knows what happens?… It’s gonna be crazy.”

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead fans know that no character is safe. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, young Beth died in the mid-season finale, and every character is at risk at all times.

If Morgan died before being able to reunite with Rick, then fans would be stunned and saddened, as they’ve been waiting for the day that Morgan and Rick could fight and live side by side as friends and brothers, much like Rick and Daryl have done throughout the seasons.

What do you think about Morgan returning in The Walking Dead season 5?