Tom Brady: Should CBS Be Fined For Replaying The Patriots QB Dropping The ‘F-Bomb’ Numerous Times?

Tom Brady dropped several “F-bombs” last night as his New England Patriots fell to the Green Bay Packers at a chilly Lambeau Field.

Professional athletes are prone to anger and joy like any other human being, and often those strong emotions may come out in some not so family-friendly ways. However, when a player such as Tom Brady clearly screams out ‘F***!’ in anger, and the network that is carrying that broadcast, replays the close-up shot of the expletive, are they displaying negligence in some way? To be fair, no audio of Brady’s tirade could be heard, but it was painfully obvious just what the New England quarterback was screaming. Cut to replay.

As stated, NFL players are grown men who are going to say something off-color from time to time. If a camera happens to catch the act live, that’s one thing, but the decision to replay it falls solely on the network — in this case, CBS.

Tom Brady had plenty to scream about last night as the Green Bay Packers handed the Patriots a 26-21 loss on the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field. The game was characterized as a match-up between the two top quarterbacks in the league — those being Brady and the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers — but it became clear early in the first quarter that Green Bay wasn’t afraid to put its running game front and center. Though Eddie Lacey only rushed for just under a hundred yards, he opened the door for the play-action from Rodgers. And Aaron Rodgers didn’t disappoint. Rushing for 22 yards of his own, the Packers’ quarterback was 24 for 38 and threw for over 368 yards.

After the game, Tom Brady spoke about his frustration, according to ESPN.

“I just wish we won this one. I think we put a lot into this one. This was just a great test for us. I think the guys knew how important it was for our season.”

Brady and the Patriots had a chance to come back near the end of the game, and the Packers failed to capitalize on several red zone appearances, but in the end, the Patriots came up short.

And Tom Brady was upset about it.

Twitter responded to Tom Brady’s frustration.

According to, a recent F-bomb outburst by Jets coach Rex Ryan garnered the coach a $100,000 fine from the NFL.

Do you think the NFL should hand Tom Brady the same kind of fine? Do you think the network should be fined for replaying it? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via The Big Lead]