Infinity Blade II patch for iPad, iPod Touch issues on the way

Infinity Blade II, the sequel to Chair’s wildly popular iOS game, released yesterday on the iOS App store. By all accounts the game is very good, but you may find it significantly less good if you’ve been playing it on an iPad 1 or on iPod Touch devices.

Users have been reporting significant performance issues with Infinity Blade II on the original iPad and various iPod Touch devices, including an unbearably bad framerate when playing and even crashes upon starting the game.

Fortunately, Epic is aware of the problems and is working on getting a fix out ASAP. Mark Rein, VP of Epic Games, explained the problem in a forum post, attributing it Infinity Blade II running out of memory due to the way iOS caches icons.

“If you have a large number of apps installed iOS must cache all those icons to give you smooth performance when you hit the home button,” Rein explained in the post. “Unfortunately the machines we tested on didn’t have massive numbers of apps installed on them so we think this how we think we missed this particular condition.”

Rein promises that the team is working on a quick fix for the issues, and the company will submit an update to the iOS Store as soon as possible.

Source: Epic