November 16, 2020
South African Model Jade Grobler Mounts A Dirt Bike Wearing Helmet And Thong Bikini Bottoms

Jade Grobler took to Instagram on Sunday evening with an awesome update which thrilled her 1 million followers. The casual snap captured her outdoors, preparing to swing a leg over a shiny Suzuki dirt bike and wearing a revealing ensemble.

Over 3,500 fans liked the post in the first half hour after it was uploaded.

The stunning bikini model and fitness aficionado wore a red thong which left her nearly bare backside on full display. The garment was embellished with decorative double straps resting high over her hips, accentuating the slenderness of her waist in comparison to the swell of her booty below.

Jade paired the bottoms with a gray t-shirt, the hem of which was pulled up just under her breasts. It appeared to be cinched in a knot in the middle of her back to expose the maximum amount of skin.

In addition to the skimpy outfit, Jade opted to throw on some protective gear. She wore a black and fluorescent yellow Airoh motocross helmet on her head, and a pair of sturdy, calf-high black boots with pink and yellow accents and a star logo on the back.

Her long, honey-colored hair was loose and flowed out under the bottom of the helmet, falling midway down her back and across her shoulders. A wavy tendril was pulled out of the open section of the helmet around her face and appeared to blow in a gentle breeze.

The photographer stood to one side for the shot. Jade put her rear end to the camera and rested her right shin against the side of the bike, apparently putting her foot on the peg below.

She stood on her left leg but appeared ready to offset her weight and throw it over the vehicle so that she could properly straddle the seat. She grasped the steering handle closest to her body and reached out for the other one with her left hand.

Jade turned her head to one side and gazed behind her with wide eyes and a look of concentration.

Jade's Instagram supporters loved the post and flooded the comments section with adoring messages for the 22-year-old social media celebrity, who currently resides in Australia.

"Amazing derrière," one fan observed, following the compliment with kissing, flame, heart, and heart-eyes emoji.

"You really rev it up on IG Your [sic] high RPM'S," a second person cleverly remarked.

"Can I get a Ride?" a third follower teased, emphasizing their inquiry with flame and double pink heart emoji.