Some Aussies will stop whatever they are doing – including sex to check Twitter

It seems that those silly people down under are getting a little too carried away with this whole social media thing, that is if a new study from Sydney-based company Tick Yes has any validity.

It seems that this social media marketing company (which should immediate raise the hair on the back of your neck) surveyed some 885 Australians about their social media habits and came away with some pretty interesting findings. Well interesting to them I guess from a “marketing” point of view anyway.

To give you a bit of an idea of the <ahem> results here is some tidbits in descending order.

  • 51.6% access social media at work
  • 41.9% while watching TV
  • 34% on holiday
  • 33.8% in bed
  • 23.3% during meals
  • 14.8% while shopping
  • 21.5% in the bathroom
  • 3.2% in a place of worship
  • 2.8% (64% of them men) ‘during intimate moments’

Ya. so it seems that some idiots out there will stop what they are doing with a partner and check out what their Twitter stream or Facebook wall is saying.

Okay let me be the first one to say this … if you stop sharing a delightfully intimate moment with your partner then you are a great big loser. Really. Loser.

There is no other way to put it.


Here’s a couple more take away points from the survey:

  • 48.2% use social media to talk about a new purchase (56% of them women)
  • 25.5% have used social media to contact a company for customer service or to ask a question
  • 48.7% of people say their social media usage has increased in the last year
  • 4.9% of people admit to being ‘addicted’ to social media, while 31.3% spend at least two hours a day on it

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go out and get a few boxes of salt.

via All Twitter / image by Monika WisniewskaShutterstock