Freddie Prinze, Jr. Slams NFL Owners; Calls For Robert Kraft To Provide Leadership

Freddie Prinze, Jr. is still recovering from spinal surgery, but it didn’t stop him from armchair quarterbacking Sunday — or is that armchair coaching? He called out NFL owners for lack of leadership, setting Patriots owner Robert Kraft aside as an exception. After suggesting the Kraft should step up for leadership to show other NFL owners how to take a stand on domestic violence, he changed the subject, blaming the whole series of tweets on his spinal surgery.

The tweets were notable themselves though — referencing Kraft’s stand against bullying, and the Patriots’ gesture in honor of Bengals’ Devon Still’s 4-year old daughter, who is battling cancer. (According to the Boston Herald, Kraft donated $25k to Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center in her name, and the Pats cheerleaders wore Bengals jerseys for a display in her honor. As for the anti-bullying efforts, ESPN has the story of Kraft and Pats quarterback Tom Brady stepping up to support a youth football team in their protection of a bullied 7-year-old.)

Prinze mentioned ‘the Devon Stills move,’ and Kraft’s anti-bullying actions, calling both classy.

Then, he suggested that Kraft could stand up against domestic violence, and pave the way for other team owners.

As suddenly as the topic came about, Prinze dropped it again, moving on to blame his new ‘bionic nerve’ and apologize for being ‘all socially aware.’

With all the attention the NFL is getting these days for how it’s handling players’ issues off the field (Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, and Adrian Peterson have all sparked similar conversations recently), it’s no wonder that anyone paying attention would express an opinion. The more surprising part is that Freddie Prinze, Jr. felt the need to apologize for it.

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