WWE News: WWE Teasing Anonymous RAW GM Reveal, Even After Already Revealing It Two Years Ago

In what can only be seen as a weird move by WWE, it appears that the company has forgotten about past storylines in favor of a new concept. As we know by now, The Anonymous RAW GM was considered one of the worst concepts the WWE had. It worked for the time due to WWE not having a person they could use as GM for the time being. This was also at a time when the brands were split and two GMs had to run their respective shows.

WWE decided to end the Anonymous RAW GM angle. WWE wrote in a storyline where Santino would become a detective for the show’s purpose and track down who was really calling the shots. Santino revealed Hornswoggle was the person behind the computer all along.

Obviously this was stupid in concept by making Hornswoggle the guy who was making everyone’s life a living hell. However, that was what happened. Clearly, WWE couldn’t forget such stupid material or think we would, right?

Apparently, they believe our memories are that of a child. The company teased they would potentially reveal the person behind the laptop AGAIN this Monday.

They recently updated the preview for RAW on WWE.com asking, “Who is the Anonymous RAW General Manager?”

WWE has a playlist up currently of various Anonymous RAW GM moments on the website as well, none including Hornswoggle.

Most would think that WWE once again is trying to consider their fans morons and totally forget angles they have done in the past. We could speculate that they simply want to change the past in a way. However, we’re sorry to say to WWE that this is not the DC Comics Multi-Verse. There is but one we’re in with WWE, and moronic moves are not smart. Either way, they cannot be corrected. You cannot change what already is.

Some are speculating that WWE might bring in Hornswoggle for a segment regarding it, but have someone else behind the computer instead.

We could assume by this, WWE is simply making the computer a prop and the technical GM, in a way. Meanwhile, the person behind it could change at any time. So for example, we saw Hornswoggle as the GM, so someone else would have to be the GM now that he has been outed. However, if this is only going to be for one show, would it make sense to run such an angle? If what I mentioned above was the plan, why wouldn’t WWE have any mention of Hornswoggle?

Most people wonder why WWE would bring in the Anonymous RAW GM due to us knowing who it was. Obviously they’d have to have someone new for the “Anonymous” part to make sense. However, if they never allude to Hornswoggle as the person it once was, it would be a case of WWE being idiotic with programming. Either way, it appears we’ll probably find out who the new person is anyway. Many would probably like it to be Edge, due to the numerous altercations he got into with the GM in the past.

If you’d like to see WWE’s original reveal of the Anonymous RAW GM, check below. The video is courtesy of the Official WWE YouTube page. Yeah, we can use the internet WWE.

[IMG Credit: mysquaredcircle.wordpress.com]