Jay Z Is Third Most Searched Celebrity And Face Of Budweiser

Jay Z just captured the number three spot on Ask.com’s Top 10 Most Searched Celebrities. Jay Z and his beautiful bride, Beyonce, have had a busy year that has kept him near the top of the list despite some stiff competition.

In mid-September during a concert in Paris, Jay Z ad libbed a new line into his song “Beach is Better.” The rap star swapped the lyric “I replace it with another one” with “pregnant with another one,” setting the rumor mills ablaze with the tinder of a sibling for Blue Ivy. Alas, as rumors often are, this one proved false. As reported by the Inquisitr in early October, Jay Z was not a father to be. Beyonce bared her very toned midriff in early October, dispelling any illusions of a baby bump.

Prior to rumors of an impending baby, the couple were inundated with speculation that they were on the verge of divorce. These rumors followed hard on the heels of the very public blow up between Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister, Solange, in an elevator at the Met Gala in May. Jay Z and his bride again fanned some of these flame themselves. This time it was Beyonce who was changing lyrics to make lines in her song more closely reflect her relationship with her husband. She may have been having fun with the speculators when she went on tour with her husband and sang things like: “been ridin’ with you for 12 years” (the amount of time she has been with Jay Z) during her song “Resentment” and “Of course sometimes s&!t goes down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator.” in her song “Flawless.”

jay z

In both cases, the couple has remained mum, as has proved to be their habit. Beyond Jay Z’s personal life, the rapper still has a big name for himself. He’s now the face of Budweiser, taking the place of the long-time symbols, the Clydesdales. Budweiser is hoping reinvent themselves with the 21-27 year old crowd by riding on the fame of the nearly fabled rapper. He received nine nominations for Emmy’s just this year.

In the who’s who list, Jay Z came in behind Robin Williams and Jennifer Lawrence. Robin Williams was so beloved, and his death such a shock that it comes as little surprise that he was the most searched celebrity. Jennifer Lawrence has had her own share of behind the scenes problems to keep her name in the lights, such as the nude photo leak scandal of earlier this year. She’s also the star of the wildly popular Hunger Games series, with a new movie out this year and she possesses a delightfully quirky personality. Though she tried to “break the internet,” Kim Kardashian fell in right behind Jay Z with Joan Rivers rounding out the top five.