Cops Not Called Say Witnesses: Justin Bieber & Pals Skateboard In Invisible Traffic

Update: The Inquisitr confirmed with the Los Angeles Police Department that a call was made to the police at around 11:30 pm, reporting skateboarding in front of The Ritz hotel on 900 W Olympic Blvd and potentially causing a traffic hazard. The police couldn’t tell us if it was Justin Bieber and his pals as there was no-one on site when the cops arrived, and skateboarding is rife in downtown L.A. Which means the reporting on this story is; at best, over the top, at worst — inflammatory.

Original Report:

Justin Bieber’s brief attempt to skateboard through alleged traffic with friends in downtown Los Angeles after watching the Clippers basketball game on Monday night did not result in cops being called out, according to witnesses.

In a non-surprising update to this claim, Twitter user Janessa_Mariee — who is the female heard talking to Bieber while she filmed him skateboarding — insists cops were not called but were merely in the area, and says no disturbance or ruckus occurred.

Janessa later uploaded her video to Vine and Instagram. It was then formatted at TMZ’s site.

The gossip site previously claimed Justin and his friends skated on the street and weaved in between cars. The outlet claims this alleged conduct prompted at least one supposedly irritated motorist to call the cops, adding that the singer and his friends left before officers arrived “on the scene.”

However, it seems this may not have happened.

At her Twitter page, Janessa’s timeline reveals tweets to TMZ complaining about the use of her video, and the site’s claims about the police being called.

Using ripe language, she slammed,

Janessa’s indignation continued.

Indeed, in the video shown above, Bieber is seen briefly skateboarding on a completely empty street, and neither he or anyone else are seen causing a commotion.

The reasons for that appear to follow.

Another eyewitness, Twitter user, @Eveny20, who claims she saw Bieber skateboarding in a blocked off street in downtown L.A., wrote a tweet.

Further tweets on @Eveny20’s timeline revealed her expressing shock and incredulity to Janessa over the false report, retweets of other fans’ messages and her outraged tweets directed to TMZ.

While TMZ report claiming cops were called out by a “p***ed off motorist” after “Justin and a half-dozen buddies… began weaving in and out of traffic on their skateboards,” thereby “creating a hazard,” more than one witness is adamantly stating this did not involve Bieber.

The Inquisitr has reached out to the site for a comment on this story.

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(Photo: Justin Bieber pictured in November at a basketball game in NYC)

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