‘The Dark Below’ Will Let Guardians Reach Level 30 For Crota’s End

When The Dark Below launches on December 9, the new raid Crota’s End will be available on day one. The new raid will start at Level 30 for normal level raiding, according to two tweets from Luke Smith, the lead designer of the current raid on Destiny, The Vault of Glass.

Destiny’s leveling system currently has a soft cap at Level 20, which all players can reach simply by gaining experience points. The harder part is in reaching the hard cap of level 30, which is dependent upon a statistic called “Light” that is found on armor. In order to reach Level 30, you must have at least three pieces of armor dropped from the Vault of Glass and one exotic armor piece which have enough “light” to reach level 30. The Iron Banner event offered Level 30 gear for those gamers who excel at multiplayer combat, but for those (like this author) who are less than stellar at multiplayer gaming, the weekly grind in the Vault of Glass is the only way to reach the level 30 mark.

The Dark Below is the first of two expansions for Destiny launching on December 9, 2014. You can watch the trailer for the expansion elsewhere on The Inquisitr. The new expansion will include new story missions, strikes, and one new raid, Crota’s End. The new 6 Guardian raid will introduce players to Crota, the “god” of the hive and summarily be tasked with dispatching him.

The ability to reach Level 30 without having to grind Vault of Glass will be a welcome feature to Guardians who have been on the receiving end of the random loot system of Destiny preventing them from receiving the drops they need in order to reach Level 30. Gamers who do not have a group of friends that will run the current raid on level 30 hard mode are left to the mercy of sites such as DestinyLFG.net, which pairs gamers with others around the world. A cursory glance on the site, and others like it, will show a steady stream of level 29 players desperately looking for groups to tackle Vault of Glass on hard in the hopes of scoring the helmet drop from Atheon, allowing them to reach level 30.

[Image Source | Destiny at Games Press}