‘Real World: Skeletons’ Spoilers: What Can Fans Expect From The New Season?

The new season of Real World is about to debut, and this may be the wildest season ever. The new cast will be living in Chicago, but it seems their past will come back to haunt them. What’s the scoop on Real World: Skeletons, premiering in December on MTV?

As the network shares, seven strangers will initially move in to a converted nightclub loft in Chicago. It won’t take long, Real World: Skeletons spoilers indicate, before the cast members will all be ambushed and confronted by people in their past.

This isn’t just about exes showing up uninvited, however. Those surprising additions to the Chicago loft for the Real World: Skeleton cast members will include at least one family member and someone from a cyberbullying incident as well. The reactions are explosive to say the least, and there will be plenty of drama coming from this MTV twist.

As E! Online notes, each of the seven original Real World: Skeletons houseguests will have someone from their past show up. It seems that the cast will get some time to settle in to their new digs before the surprises begin, as the spoiler preview shows plenty of hook-ups developing among the original seven.

While the new group living in the loft may think they’ve left all their worries behind them when they took off for Chicago, it doesn’t take long for things to change. The “skeletons” will not only show up, but they are moving in to the loft as well.

Though there had been a somewhat similar twist with the previous season titled Real World: Ex-Plosion, it seems the seven new cast members thought that this season would be relatively “normal.” Nobody thought they’d be thrown a twist like this when the Ex-Plosion season had just taken place.

This is Season 30 of the franchise show, and it seems that MTV wanted to do something big. It sounds as if it worked, as those in the mix of things were shocked and shaken. How does it all play out though? At least some of the cast members seemingly think it was actually a good experience.

Real World: Skeletons cast member Tony says that while he was ready to bail part-way through the season, now he wouldn’t change a thing about it. Sylvia says she was emotionally drained by it. However, she would absolutely go back and do it again and wouldn’t change a thing either. She adds, though, that fans should buckle up as it’s going to be a wild ride.

Though Tony and Sylvia now say it was a positive experience for them, it seems it won’t be that way for everybody. MTV’s Real World: Skeletons premieres on December 16 and fans can’t wait to check it out. Many fans of the show and its counterpart The Challenge are still mourning the recent deaths of Ryan Knight and Diem Brown, but everybody will surely be tuning in to the new show ready to meet the new franchise “family members” as well.

[Image via MTV Press]