#IAmSorry Shia LaBeouf Collaborators Confirm He Was Attacked

The Shia LaBeouf allegations against an unidentified woman whom he said raped him during an art installation project called #IAmSorry have been corroborated by his collaborators. LeBeouf said in an email interview with Dazed magazine earlier this month that the woman whipped him for 10 minutes and then raped him before leaving.

According to the interview, Shia said the violent encounter left him traumatized.

One woman who came with her boyfriend, who was outside the door when this happened, whipped my legs for ten minutes and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me.

His collaborators in the art project, London-based Luke Turner and Helsinki-based Nastja Säde Rönkkö, both took to Twitter on Sunday to confirm that Shia was attacked. Turner describes himself as an artist, writer, and “collaborator with Shia LaBeouf” on Twitter. Rönkkö also describes herself on Twitter as an artist and “collaborator with Shia LaBeouf.”

Both posted identical comments on Sunday to the effect that they were appalled at Shia’s attack and intervened as soon as possible.

“A couple of important clarifications about our #IAMSORRY project earlier this year,” read the first of three tweets by both artists. “Nowhere did we state that people could do whatever they wanted to Shia during #IAMSORRY. As soon as we were aware of the incident starting to occur, we put a stop to it and ensured that the woman left.”

Rönkkö also sent out tweets about what happened to Shia, corroborating his account that he was attacked. Neither said whether the police were called.

According to the Guardian, the art project was part of a performance series by LaBeouf that he worked on with Turner and Rönkkö after he had a “genuine existential crisis” on being accused of plagiarism. Shia had taken parts of a Daniel Clowes short story and used them in a film he was working on.

After the incident, he wore a paper bag on his head at the Berlin premiere of Lars Von Trier’s film Nymphomaniac. At the time he said he would retire from public life. At the #IAmSorry event, Shia also wore a paper bag on his head as he sat alone in a room. People stood in line to spend alone time with the actor, during which time they could say whatever they wanted and he wouldn’t respond.

It was while sitting in the room that LaBeouf said he was raped by one woman who took things way too far.

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons]