These Stunning Photos Of Foxes, In Seemingly Inaccessible Frigid Russian Regions, Have Been Snapped By A Miner

Foxes are found all across the globe and in variety of terrains. From hostile deserts to frigid mountains, foxes have tamed the most inhospitable places on planet earth. In fact, foxes have managed to thrive even in areas like Chernobyl, which won’t be suitable for human occupation for thousands of years to come. A miner has been roaming such a region in Russia, snapping up photos of foxes.

Smile For The Camera

The inhospitable region is Chukotka. Located in the remote north-eastern region of Russia, Chukotka receives tons of snowfall and is always under freezing cold temperatures. Despite such inhuman and torturous conditions, Ivan Kislov happily travels through the area, snapping photos of foxes that have made the region their home and roam about freely, with no fear of poaching.

Those Eyes

Photographing wildlife is an art that few manage to learn, let alone master. Ivan is just a mining engineer, but despite his profession, the photos that the man has been able to take will definitely leave you speechless. Interestingly, Ivan wanders the area during his breaks to take pictures of foxes.

You Mind?

While out on his “hunt,” Kislov comes across bear, reindeer, and wolves, all of which he photographs, but not with the same enthusiasm he reserves for foxes. Explaining his choice of subject, Kislov said that foxes make the best models.

“Foxes are curious and can come very close, and I shoot with wide angle and telephoto lenses.”

A Whole Brood

Foxes certainly are interesting creatures that are highly social and capable of living rather flexible lives. Being omnivorous, foxes can comfortably eat a wide variety of food, but they mostly prefer small animals such as lizards, rats, rabbits, gophers, and mice.

A Very Social Breed

However, foxes also consume birds, fruit, and bugs, and if a pack of foxes live near sea, then they may even enjoy a hearty meal of fish and crabs as well.

The Baby Steals The Show

Being social, foxes live in large packs and have members of extended family as well, all cohabiting in peace and hunting as well. While majority of the foxes usually hunt in broad daylight, some sub-species may prefer the dark of the night as it offers a safe environment.

Foxes Are Omnivores: They Eat Almost Everything

Having exceptional vision, foxes can spot their prey from long distances, and are able to achieve sprint-speeds of about 45 mph.

It's Quite Windy Out Here

Apart from the speed and vision, foxes also have excellent hearing and can even “hear and feel” animals burrowing underground.

I Am Watching You

[Image Credit | Ivan Kislov 1, 2, 3]