Kendra Wilkinson Blames Herself? Hank ‘Needed Me And I Wasn’t There’

Reality star Kendra Wilkinson opened up about her husband, Hank Baskett, in a way that might surprise many people.

On the hit UK reality television series, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, Kendra Wilkinson was asked to talk about the regrets that she had in life while she spent a little time with her British celebrity friends at a campfire gathering.

Radar Online reports that the only regret that came to her mind dealt with her husband’s ongoing battle with depression.

“The only thing I can really say is not paying attention to severe depression with my husband.”

After breaking down in tears, the 29-year-old reality starlet said, “I wish to God” but became a little too emotional to finish the sentence.

For several months now, Kendra Wilkinson has been dealing with the aftermath of her husband’s alleged affair with a transsexual.

The Kendra on Top star has had to face the scandal both in private as well as in public, since it has been discussed in magazines and websites as well as on her reality TV shows.

Based on her emotional speech, it seems as if Kendra somewhat blames herself for not being there to support and comfort her husband as she struggled with his depression.

In her own words, Kendra was able to explain what her particular regret involving Hank Baskett has taught her about depression and life in general.

“There’s such a thing as depression you know, even if you’re a big guy, it’s real. You have to hear people’s cries. Because I didn’t. He came to bed so many times crying and he needed me you know, and I wasn’t there for him.”

Us Weekly confirms that Kendra Wilkinson decided to put Hank’s infidelities behind her. Even though there have been quite a few rumors circulating recently about Kendra wanting to file for a divorce, it seems as if she has made the choice to move forward with their marriage instead.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Kendra spoke openly about her decision to stay by her husband’s side despite all of the rumors and reports surrounding his alleged cheating scandal.

“All I can say is I believe Hank. I love Hank. And he’s proven to me that he’s worth forgiving and fighting for. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and unfortunate things took place. He’s very gullible and naive.”

What do you think about Kendra Wilkinson’s decision? Did she make the right choice?

[Image Credit: PEOPLE]