Victoria’s Secret Brawl: Women Fight Over Lingerie On Black Friday [Video]

Victoria’s Secret angels do such an amazing job modeling the company’s underwear that women are willing to beat each other up to get their hands on a pair of Very Sexy briefs.

The Mirror recently shared footage of a fight breaking out in a Victoria’s Secret store, and the YouTube clip below already has over 1 million views. In the viral video, the woman in the white shirt hits another woman with an unidentifiable pink object. Because her weapon of choice is Barbie’s favorite color, it’s presumably a Victoria’s Secret product. Her initial attack leads to a nasty scrap that entertains a large crowd of onlookers. Concerned shoppers who decide to step in have a hard time breaking up the brawl.

One person who shared the video on YouTube claims that it was taken this year in the UK, but the Mirror reports that it’s actually footage from last year’s Black Friday. It was taken at the Annapolis Mall in Maryland, and the fight broke out after a 17-year-old Victoria’s Secret shopper got “poked in the eye” by another shopper. The re-posted video presumably became so popular because it features women fighting over panties. As the Inquisitr previously reported, it’s not the only sad Black Friday video out there.

Those who were lucky enough to get their hands on some discount lingerie this year might be looking for some tips on how to look good in it after overindulging on Turkey Day. Luckily, Victoria’s Secret angel Behati Prinsloo recently shared some of her slimdown secrets with OK! Magazine.

If you want to look slimmer in your sexy lingerie by Christmas, Adam Levine’s gorgeous wife recommends eliminating bread from your diet starting right now. She revealed that she cuts down on carbs and starts being more active about a month before a big show, such as the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“When it’s a month away, I try to do something active every day and focus on nutrition. Right now, I’m trying to eliminate bread — that’s always my big problem!”

To keep her body toned but lean, Behati Prinsloo mixes yoga and Pilates with “a little running and light weights.” Prinsloo told Us Weekly that she’s been trying to squeeze in a little more yoga than usual before this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Try sticking to Behati’s fitness routine for a year, and you’ll be in perfect shape for next year’s Black Friday battle.

Unfortunately for the men out there, Behati Prinsloo probably won’t fight with another model over a pair of panties during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in London. However, you can watch Behati rock the runway wearing lingerie on Tuesday, December 9 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

[Image via SELF]