Video Of Iranian Girl Dancing On Tehran Subway In Protest Of Strict Laws Goes Viral [Video]

Though this video may not seem that strange to people in America, the girl in this video is actually breaking multiple Iranian laws by dancing in the subway car.

According to NPR, the unnamed girl on the train is breaking not one but two laws in the extremely restrictive country. The girl not only dances in public, which is against the law in Iran, she also looses her head covering in the process.

In the video you see the girl moving wildly around the subway car, and in the process her hijab falls off her head. When the hijab is removed you can see other women in the train trying to divert their eyes from the girl. She continues to dance around the train and attempts to find someone willing to hold her phone camera for her while she dances. The first few women refuse to take the phone, completely ignoring the girl’s actions. Once the girl finds someone to film her moves, she continues to dance until the next subway stop, where many women quickly exit the car.

Though it seems like a rather peaceful protest to some harsh laws, the girl in the video could face some serious consequences for her brief subway dance. In fact, earlier this year six Iranian youths were arrested for uploading ‘Happy Video’ on Youtube that featured women with hijab and the teens dancing in public. Similarly, a British woman was arrested and sentenced to a year in jail in Iran for attending a men’s volleyball match.

What do you think of this young girl’s protest against Iranian law? What do you think will happen if authorities identify the young girl who danced on the Tehran subway?