Is Tara Reid Too Thin? ‘Sharknado’ Star Posts Shocking Selfie Of Emaciated Frame

Is Tara Reid too thin — again? A new selfie posted to Instagram by the Sharknado star has fans concerned for her health, as the once voluptuous star who has, in the past, spoken publicly about her plastic surgery and botched breast implants, appears to display a highly emaciated frame.

The snapshot, clearly processed through an Instagram filter to give the whole scene a summery glow, was taken from the balcony of her in Palm Springs, California, hotel where she was visiting her parents for Thanksgiving, Tara Reid said on Twitter, adding that the shot was snapped “before the turkey.”

But if fans were worried that the 39-year-old veteran of the raunchy American Pie series of R-rated comedies was suffering from a lack of appetite, she later dispelled those fears — at least as far as the Thanksgiving meal was concerned.

As seen in the photo at the top of this page, taken early in the career of Tara Reid, possibly around the time of her small but memorable role in the 1998 cult classic The Big Lebowski, Tara Reid in her younger days had what would be considered a typical movie star figure.

But as she has progressed in her career, it seems from outward appearances that her weight has become a concern. She was photographed in Bali in 2007 looking not only so thin she appeared skeletal, but also suntanned to the point of appearing to be coated in leather.

While Reid appears to have gained at least some weight since then, her latest snapshot from Palm Springs still shows the onetime Saved By the Bell star with bones clearly visible through her skin.

While a number of her Instagram followers posted unkind remarks about her gaunt physique on Tara Reid’s own Instagram page, other fans defended her.

“All you disgusting people that comment about her being skinny you call urself human beings. Your just vile n a disgrace, how would you feel if someone started being negative n vile toward ur family members for no reason or loved ones, child or children!!” wrote one fan. “This universe is just f****d up and all those that follow her why follow if ur just gonna b nasty especially to a lady/woman”

“Who cares if she’s skinny some people are built that way just like some people are big who f*****g cares?” wrote another.

Supporters on Twitter had similar sentiments.

Ultimately, her body belongs to no one but Tara Reid, and as long she says she feels good — which she did on Thanksgiving via her Twitter feed — whether or not she could be called too thin is nobody’s concern but her own.