Skyrim patch 1.2 fixes bugs, adds in new ones

Bethesda’s intent with Skyrim patch 1.2 was to fix a number of bugs users have been reporting across all platforms. Users did get those bug fixes as promised, but they also got.. well, more bugs.

Users are reporting that the patch breaks magic resistance entirely in the game, meaning that no matter what potion you pop or enchantment you have, magic will deal damage to you as if you had no resistance at all. On the bright side, the same applies to enemies as well.

The patch also introduced another bug, but this one isn’t so much of a game breaker as it is hilarious. Several users are reporting seeing dragons flying through Skyrim’s skies backwards, and it’s every bit as entertaining as it sounds. Not so good for immersion, though.

Bethesda has yet to comment on the bugs introduced by Skyrim patch 1.2, but we won’t likely have to wait too long to see a patch for the patch. In the meantime, check out Skyrim‘s amazing backwards-flying dragon below.