WWE News: Huge Power Struggle In WWE, Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Gaining More Power?

In WWE, politicking is part of the business. It really doesn’t matter what position you have in the company, whether you’re a jobber, lowly mid-carder, or even a main eventer. Most have to work in the political system well to make it. WWE is the same on the Corporate level. Management can be considered worse by some. So it should come as no surprise that a power struggle is going on within WWE right now on the upper level.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have gained a lot of power over the last few years. Due to both being groomed to run WWE in the future, clearly Vince is giving them both more power here and there. However, WWE has other qualified people on their staff. According to the Wrestling Observer, there is a lot of talk about the power struggle between Triple H and Stephanie and WWE CFO George Barrios and Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer Michelle Wilson.

George and Michelle have been with WWE for a long time. However, what hurts them a tad in the eyes of others within the company was their lack of success with WWE’s TV deal. WWE was said to have huge potential on the open market by financial experts across the country. Stock with WWE was high then because of that fact. However, WWE was not able to get the type of deal that many wanted. WWE Stock went down a bit due to it.

WWE did increase their TV contract with NBC Universal. However, they did not get it as high as everyone wanted, and that was a clear issue spoken about. Both were also key executives in charge of the WWE Network launch. This has been yet another issue for WWE. The company felt people would easily gravitate toward the Network due to the PPV material alone. Add in that WWE was adding a ton of original content and various shows from the past. It is a good deal in the long run. However, due to network numbers the two have a bit of egg on their face yet again.

Due to this, they have gone down a bit in the eyes of many, while Triple H and Stephanie have gone up. It is seemingly a hot issue backstage, even still. Many feel that due to the success of WWE NXT as well as the main shows recently, Triple H and Stephanie are favored more. On top of that, the name recognition helps them in the eyes of fans, whereas two people few know about may have a tougher time. However, both Barrios and Wilson are essential members of WWE’s Corporate staff and due to their past successes, they are not considered afterthoughts.

At the end of the day however, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will still be the ones the company ends up with. That fact alone will always put them in favor with Vince. The McMahons will probably always have the company, and so, their children will factor into WWE’s plans over others that have a lot of potential to lead. That said, one would imagine Triple H and Stephanie will be given more power in the coming years.

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