‘Doctor Who’ Rumor Roundup: Clara Back for Series 9?

Doctor Who has only been off the air for two weeks, and already the silly season is in full swing. Now, after weeks of speculation, it appears Jenna Coleman may not be leaving the show as previously thought.

The Mirror is reporting Coleman will reprise her role as the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald in Series 9. The Inquisitr originally reported Coleman was set to leave the show following this year’s Christmas special. Now it seems this may not be the case.

According to the Mirror, while Coleman originally planned to leave Doctor Who, her experiences filming Series 8 with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor led her to a change of heart. The decision is reported to have been met with great cheer by show runner Steven Moffatt.

Curiously, the report does not include any direct quotes from Coleman, Capaldi, or Moffat, only citing anonymous sources. So, at this time, the news is nothing more than rumor.

In other rumor news, Doctor Who TV has put forth the theory that fan darling Osgood may not actually be dead as seen in the Series 8 finale “Death in Heaven.”

Doctor Who Tv’s Ethan McDonald discusses the lack of reflection on the death of the Osgood character, who became a fan favorite via the 50th anniversary special.

“The finale also didn’t seem to reflect on Osgood’s death that much as there was already so much happening in the story. There was little time to take it all in, and before you knew it Kate was sucked out of the plane to her apparent demise as well. With this lack of reflection it raises the question, could Osgood actually still be alive?”

McDonald points out that in the 50th anniversary special, Osgood was replicated by a Zygon, raising the possibility that it wasn’t actually Osgood who perished at the hands of Missy in “Death in Heaven.” While a bit of a stretch, it wouldn’t be the first time Doctor Who has pulled a storyline switcheroo to snooker viewers.

As is the case with the lengthy times between Doctor Who episodes, rumors continue to swirl. Fans soak them in, digest and dissect them, and discuss ad nauseam. It seems every week there is a new story passed around. This week was no different.

What do you think about these rumors? Are you excited for Clara to return to Doctor Who? Would you like to see Osgood come back? Let us know in the comments.

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