Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott Say They’re Not Done Spawning

38-year-old actress Tori Spelling and 45-year-old actor husband Dean McDermott may still be scrubbing placenta stains off their shoes, but it hasn’t stopped the reality show stars from planning to add a fourth child to their growing brood.

In fact, Spelling and McDermott barely even had learned of the existence of the pregnancy that would go on to be new baby Hattie before they were making plans to have baby number four, McDermott admits. Like, while Spelling was still peeing on the stick. He says:

“I think we’ll have a fourth… As soon as I saw it was positive and it was a pregnancy, we both thought we need to have a fourth – at the same time.”

Okay, I know that making babies is free but there is something about that that sounds- I don’t know, greedy? McDermott says that (not surprisingly) the civil unrest in a household after adding to a family has not been that much of a problem for he and his wife. He explains:

“People say, ‘Oh my God, it’s utter chaos after two.’ But it’s not, it’s great…”

Tori chimes in:

“You lost your mind after the second one, so… the third fourth and fifth, it’s like you’re so far gone, it’s just kind of the same.”

But then the couple say, they will consider closing up the baby factory. He says:

“Once we have a fourth, I think that’s really kind of decision time whether to shut it down.” [Mimics snipping.]

Tori adds:

“I’m 38… I’m not gonna be able to have that many more.”

In addition to churning out babies at a rapid clip, Spelling and McDermott’s are starring Tori Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. The show premieres on Oxygen tonight, when you can totally be watching American Horror Story instead.