Jeremy Renner talks filming ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ stunts

Jeremy Renner, star of Hurt Locker and co-star in the upcoming action flick Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, admits that he didn’t have quite as much fun hanging off the side of the world’s tallest building as Tom Cruise did.

In an interview with Extra, Renner says that filming the stunt scene on the side of the Bhurj Khalifa, a 2,723 feet tall building in Dubai, for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol took his “breath away”.

“Tom was laughing at me because I told him I was going to vomit on him,” Renner tells “Extra.” “He’s just upside down, mind you, hanging on a wire saying, ‘Come on, man, look at this view!’ I did look, and I realized the Legoland that was below us were all proper skyscrapers.”

As it turns out, hanging off the side of a building a couple thousand feet above the ground wasn’t even what bothered the two actors the most when filming Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – it was diving into the polluted waters of Prague.

“I’m coughing, spit out water. I swallowed a whole gulp. [Cruise] stops and says ‘I swallowed a whole mouthful of water!’ We’re going to die. Appendages are going to start growing out of our foreheads.’ Tom is rappelling down major buildings but a little bug in the water… “

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol opens in theaters on December 21.


Source: Extra