Diddy On Cameron Diaz: ‘If I Could Turn Back Time, Things Would Be Different’

Diddy reportedly opened up about his love life and the one that got away — actress Cameron Diaz.

An inside source told Us Weekly that Diddy was at a dinner where the subject of Cameron Diaz came up in discussion.

The inside source claims that Diddy briefly reflected on the relationship that he and Cameron Diaz had when the topic of Cameron Diaz’s now-confirmed engagement to Benji Madden came up.

“[Diddy] said, ‘If I could turn back time, things would be different!’… He was bummed, saying, ‘She’s the sexiest girl in the world.'”

When it comes to discussing “the one that got away,” many Diddy fans and critics might think he would choose to talk about singer Jennifer Lopez — especially considering the way that their two-year relationship ended back in 2001.

However, according to what this inside source told Us Weekly, that was not exactly what happened at all. Perhaps even the possibility of Cameron Diaz being engaged to another man is making the 45-year-old rap mogul reconsider what happened when he was the man in her life.

Daily News reports that Diddy and Cameron Diaz dated from 2008 to 2012. An insider told Us Weekly back in 2012 that things were clearly very hot and heavy between the two of them — especially during a particular gala in West Hollywood.

According to the insider, Cameron “was acting like a teenager” at the gala with crazy hair and smeared makeup as she and Diddy made out with one another in front of everyone.

In the time since Diddy and Cameron Diaz decided to go their separate ways, the hip-hop mogul started dating singer Cassie and Cameron started dating Benji Madden from the band Good Charlotte.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Knight and Day actress is now officially engaged to Benji Madden.

Last month, rumors of the engagement were sparked by pictures of the 42-year-old Annie actress wearing what looked like an engagement ring in public.

In an interview with Page Six, a close friend to Benji Madden opened up about their relationship and some of the common interests that Cameron Diaz shared with the Good Charlotte band member.

“They are both fitness fanatics and enjoy the same food, bad jokes and even a lot of the same music. Benji thinks [Cameron’s] the coolest chick he’s ever met, and he can’t believe his luck that she’s into him, too.”

Since the rumors about Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden being engaged have now been confirmed as true, Diddy might just be stuck asking himself “what if?” questions about their relationship for the rest of his life.

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