‘Red Band Society’ Cancelled? Fox Pulls It From Schedule

Even those shows that make it onto a network’s primetime schedule may not stay there for long as this fall has already seen several shows cancelled – or possibly cancelled with production stopped – and another one has joined that list. Red Band Society, Fox’s new hospital drama, needs a doctor – stat! – if it’s going to have a real future.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Red Band Society‘s first season will not get more episodes past the 13 initially ordered, but “network brass are said to remain open to the possibility of a sophomore season,” so it is possible that there could be more in the future, and technically, the series has not been cancelled just yet.

However, the Inquisitr previously reported that it is “‘certain’ to be cancelled,” so its future is pretty grim. After episode 10 airs in December, the last three episodes of its 13-episode order will be held to air at some point in the future. Empire will be taking over the time slot in January.

According to THR, executive producer Rina Mimoun wasn’t too certain about the series receiving an order for more episodes from the beginning, but also stressed that it didn’t necessarily mean that a season 2 isn’t possible.

“There is a possibility for a pickup, but my understanding is if we didn’t get a back order, that certainly doesn’t mean we won’t get a second season. I do think there’s something about this show that if you stretch it out too long, you stretch the believability.”

Fox hasn’t had the greatest luck with its new series this fall, with the reality show Utopia not earning the right to its multiple nights, Mulaney receiving a shortened order and Gracepoint “dead-on-arrival.” Fortunately, while the drama Red Band Society may not have been what the network had hoped, another new drama, Gotham, has been a hit.

Episode 9 of the drama (titled “How Did We Get Here?”) just aired on Thanksgiving Eve, and Entertainment Weekly reported that it saw Bella Thorne guest star as a teen pop star at the hospital for treatment for “exhaustion,” and Dash used the “I’m dying” tactic to try to hook up with her. Jordi is an obstacle, but that’s just because he wants to connect with her music manager because he has to line up a job to pay to be emancipated. The pop star doesn’t like the competition, so instead of hooking him up with her manager, she offers him money.

Meanwhile, relationships are, of course, complicated at the hospital on Red Band Society. Dr. McAndrew and Brittany have a one-night stand, but what does that mean for his feelings for her and for the past that he and Dr. Grace have? Emma and Leo have to wonder if their relationship can last outside the hospital when they face possible release – and the fact that she can fake her test results to get the all clear. Also, Kara and Hunter’s relationship may be better than Emma and Leo’s, but, as EW puts it, “Hunter’s future is a little grim” – just like the show’s future. Watch Nurse Jackson giving Kara some advice about her relationship below.

Red Band Society season 1 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox. Are you hoping to see a season 2 or did you expect the show to be cancelled?

[Image via Fox]