WWE News: WWE Set To Make WWE SmackDown As Big As WWE RAW Each Week

In a not-so-new report, it appears WWE will once again focus on WWE SmackDown to make it a must-see show. This has been something the company has claimed they wanted to do and still ended up giving up on the project on numerous occasions. WWE might be on a mission to do so now, however, as ratings for WWE SmackDown have not been increasingly impressive as of late. WWE fans see it as mostly a RAW recap show currently, due to the lack of a brand split

Once the brand split ended, SmackDown became irrelevant. If we missed something, we could always see it on replay once RAW came about. Now, it appears WWE is trying to add big parts of their storylines, as well as debuts, to SmackDown. New WWE stable, The New Day, debuted on SmackDown this week. Previously, WWE had the announcement of Team Cena members being fired if the team lost at Survivor Series.

Both things were done as a way to make SmackDown a must-see show for fans, just like RAW. The idea is to strengthen SmackDown so that RAW is no longer seen as WWE’s “A” show and SmackDown it’s “B” show. They want to make them equal.

It appears to many that WWE is doing this due to the move to Thursday nights in 2015. WWE previously had SmackDown on every Friday. Due to Thursday being a big night for TV, one would imagine WWE is doing this as a way to entice fans to switch nights with them and make sure that the casual viewer that watches only RAW will also be interested in seeing SmackDown as well.

As I mentioned above, this is nothing new. WWE has tried this numerous times and usually failed to stick with the program. They always work with the idea for a number of months, then give up on the concept and focus on just RAW each week. When the brand split was present, both SmackDown and RAW were seen as shows that could stand on their own and were not to be missed. However, since WWE ended this, SmackDown became simply another WWE product that wasn’t always a need to watch.

You could miss SmackDown and miss nothing regarding storylines. Even matches weren’t always terrific on the show. This has been strange to see as SmackDown has always been seen as WWE’s wrestling show, while RAW was WWE’s variety show.

The obvious idea would be to split the shows again to add importance. This can now do so especially, due to all the stars they have that need extra time. However, do not expect WWE to take such a bold step. Most would say that it would be the best way to get fans interested in caring to tune into SmackDown weekly. Sadly, we may simply see WWE just add important factors to storylines on the show each week. Will that make the show must-see? That remains to be seen.

[IMG Credit: Fansided.com]